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Not very good, exporting doesn't work well.
21 October 2013
Reviewer: Burtondman from USA

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This is my first time using a resume maker product, and after reading several reviews and deciding to purchase online at Amazon, I am unimpressed. Let's start with a few problems I've repeatedly had:
-I cannot scroll downwards to see my entire resume
-Bullet points will not line up
-Constant obtrusive pop up tooltip windows, etc.

These are just a few minor problems that became big problems when I could not fix these issues no matter what I did. However, my main problem with Resume Makers is this: exporting almost never works correctly.
Export to PDF-bullets move.
Export to .doc-total anarchy. bullets move, text moves locations, nothing lines up correctly, total disaster.
export to .rtx-same as .doc.
Truth be told, I did end up getting PDF to work, but I was only able to do it by changing the layout format of my resume, which seems awfully ridiculous considering the length they went to to promote how adaptable resume maker's supposedly is. So essentially I wasted hours of time working on my resume only to find out it wouldn't export correctly, and having to go back and change it so exporting would work. Waste of time.

I definitely would not recommend this product to anyone. It has a been a hassle from the beginning.

In summary, I would not recommend Resume Maker Professional to a friend.

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