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Amazing Resume Creator Review

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There are several job-seeking products to download through The Amazing Resume Creator. At its core, the resume creation software provides templates and set phrases to help you build a professional resume. You will also benefit from several free e-books which outline interview strategies, how to write cover letters and how to negotiate your wage. However, whilst you seem to get a lot for your money, we’re unconvinced that the site offers a great resume builder or great value when compared with its peers.

The site’s owner, Jimmy Sweeny, seems to be a likeable chap. He introduces you to his product and philosophy, offering some sage words of advice on how to write a resume. Whilst we’re sure his intentions are true and he knows what he’s talking about, we were less impressed by the website and software on offer.

Firstly, if you are viewing the website while at work, be sure to turn your volume off or use headphones, unless you want your colleagues to know that you are looking at resumé creation software. As the website does not have a button for switching the sound on and off, one has to completely shut the website down in order to shut the narrator up. Prolonging the agony, the website then asks you if you are sure you want to leave. So if you play this video without using headphones, while sitting at your desk at work, your tentative plans to change career may become a necessity if your boss is within ear-shot.

Secondly, AmazingResumeCreator.com really needs to be better organized. After being forced to sit through the introductory video, you’re then forced to scroll through a long page of information (much of which seems like waffling) in order to reach the bottom and pursue a purchase. The homepage consumes a lot of space trying to convince you that it’s a worthy purchase, but without really telling you all that much about the actual software.

There are 2 software packages available: the resume builder and the cover letter builder. If you want the cover letter builder, though, you’ll need to purchase the resume builder at the same time. 

If you decide to make a purchase then you’ll also receive three free gifts. The first offers award winning resume cover letter templates, the second is an e-book on how to land a job interview and the third is a text on salary negotiation. Whilst this is fine, we’d expect to find this kind of information provided for free anyway, so they don’t really seem like free gifts.

The software itself seems outdated and underdeveloped, essentially allowing you to choose from set phrases to insert into a template, which you can then edit or print on MS Word. Hardly revolutionary.

Considering the amount of effort Jimmy goes through to convince you to buy his software, claiming that so much of getting noticed is about standing out and selling yourself well, we’d expect to see a much better designed website. Amazing Resume Creator is clunky and full of text, poorly highlighted sentences and dodgy print-screen images. It just doesn’t feel polished.

Whilst there may be good advice available on AmazingResumeCreator.com, there are too many outdated elements and flaws for our liking. You won’t lose out by checking the site (provided you wear headphones!), and Jimmy might be able to talk you around to his way of thinking. However, we’re pretty sure that your money would be better spent elsewhere.

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