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Resume Maker Ultimate Review

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Resume Maker Ultimate 6 is an improved piece of resume writing software brought to you by Individual Software. It offers a wide range of documents, including resumes and cover letters, with useful samples to explore and more than 150,000 set phrases to include. Whilst it’s made a few small improvements, we do feel that it’s still lagging behind somewhat. It doesn’t feel quite as up to date as we’d like, and some areas, such as the interview questions, seem to have gone virtually unchanged from previous incarnations of the software.

The software can be purchased from Amazon but is only available to users in the USA. Strangely, the disc version is cheaper than the digital download, but which version you buy may depend on your needs.

We found it difficult to find any major differences between ResumeMaker Ultimate 6 and Resume Maker Professional. It includes apps for a range of mobile devices, allows you to build resumes and a range of letters, as well as supplying plenty of set phrases, but so many other software packages do that too.

As such, whilst Resume Maker Ultimate is a decent product, we aren’t convinced that its higher price tag necessarily makes it a better purchase. We’d also recommend checking that the software will function properly on your machine, as several users have complained that they had issues, and that customer service was severely lacking.

We don’t want to be unfair to this software. It does a decent job and offers a lot of options to help you build a professional resume that will stand out. There are some pretty good job-hunting features, such as being able to instantly distribute your resume to employers using around 80 job seeking websites. It can also integrate with social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The apps make it possible to quickly edit and send a resume to an employer if you see a job you like the look of whilst you’re travelling, which is a nice addition.

Creating a professional document is simple but effective as you can follow a basic step by step guide, which also involves choosing from more than 150,000 set phrases to help you express your skills and talents in a professional manner. We feel that this software should be useful for people new to the job market and anyone looking to take the next step up the ladder.

Although it’s not a new feature, we’re still impressed by the contact manager. This allows you to keep track of where your resume has been sent, if you have any interviews or whether you’re waiting for a reply. You can then use the interview questions (there are over 500) to help prepare for a job interview.  

To conclude, we do feel that Resume Maker Ultimate 6 is a solid system for creating resumes and other application documents. However, we’re unconvinced that it’s worth the higher price when compared with similar products on the market. Still, at under $30 for unlimited use, it offers good value for money if you think you’ll use it regularly for some time to come. 

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