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Quickstart Resume Writer Review

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QuickStart Resume Writer is a very basic software package for writing resumes and cover letters. For around $10 you can use pre-existing templates, create new templates (using your own design preferences), then print or save your resume. However, it feels very limited when compared to other resume writing programs on the market.

You’ll notice that this resume writing software package is pretty cheap at around $10. Sadly, we don’t feel that it really offers good value for money, as you can find more sophisticated, easy-to-use, programs for a little more (or even for free!) online. This is, however, a one-off purchase so you can rest assured that you’ll not have to pay any additional fees.

What’s wrong with QuickStart ResumeWriter? Well, it’s not completely dreadful, and the resumes do look okay when you print or email them, but we’ve come to expect a lot more. There aren’t really any features which help you to write your resume, rather it’s a system to redesign the layout. Whilst this might be easier than using MS Word, if you want to play around with the appearance of your document, it’s still not as versatile as its peers.

The organizational tools aren’t too bad, allowing you to keep track of who you sent your resume to, their contact details and response. However, this isn’t unique to Quick Start, and you can quite easily keep a similar check on a spreadsheet. Still, it’s nice to have it there. 

You can also write a cover letter using this software, but this feels like an afterthought. There are no decent samples of documents provided, so you cannot even copy or adapt pre-existing text to suit your own needs. If you’re looking for that kind of information, you can find it for free online, or find well designed cover letter and resume software which will do the job.

There’s no additional information provided for job-seekers, such as where to look for jobs, interview tips, interview questions and so on. Subsequently there’s no useful advice offered.

If you hadn’t already worked out our opinion of Quick Start Resume Writer, here it is: we wouldn’t bother. It’s far too basic and in many respects you’d be better off writing your resume on MS Word and finding free advice online. Okay, you can move text around, add colour and more, but this really is more of a template designer than anything else. 

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