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Resume Maker Professional Review

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Resume Maker Professional Deluxe 18 is brought to you by Individual Software. It provides an easy-use system for writing, editing, developing and publishing resumes, and can be downloaded, or purchased on disc, from Amazon.com.

If you decide to download the software it’s considerably cheaper than purchasing the discs, and should take just a few minutes to download. The interface is simple but effective, allowing you to quickly update and adapt particular information. This is useful if you want to create a range of resumes for different job types. Because the interface is simple to use, and available on a range of mobile devices, you can also access and download your resumes when on the move. This is really useful if you’re out job hunting, spot a job you like the look of, and want to zap your resume over to the recruiters immediately.

ResumeMakerProfessional now focuses a little more on finding jobs, allowing you to search databases, receive instant updates and scan up-to-date information on current salaries. The system therefore allows you to hunt for work, as well as providing support for adapting your resume. 

The software is only available to customers in the USA, which is a bit disappointing, but not a problem if you live in the states. It also offers tips on how to do well in interviews, as well as offering a wide variety of interview questions to help you practice your answers.

Since many employers now request a digital copy of your resume, ResumeMakeProfessional Deluxe18 also allows you to save your resume in a variety of formats. You can print a copy, of course, but you can also save your documents as MS Word files and PDFs. If you purchase the software, you can also access a free and unique webpage for your resume. Uploading your resume to this page will allow you to easily send an employer the link so that they can view it whenever they like.

There’s a step by step wizard to help you through the creation process, or you can simply adapt a template. You can also upload information from your LinkedIn profile, which is a great time saver if you have one. The final product is eye catching whilst remaining professional.

User reviews for this product are somewhat mixed. Some users experienced issues installing and loading the program, whilst others had no problems at all. This is quite disheartening, particularly as it seems like Amazon staff don’t necessarily know the software inside out. If you’re unsure whether or not the software will work on your device, we recommend contacting Amazon or checking the various reviews to see if they can shed any light on the matter.

Assuming that Resume Maker Professional works on your machine, we think it should do a good job of helping you to easily produce professional resumes. A low cost one-off purchase offers good value for money, and whilst the software doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles that some users might want, it does offer a solid base for making resumes.

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