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Resume Maker For The Web Review

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Resume Maker for the Web is an online service which allows you to build, edit and distribute your resume. It also offers a selection of tips, information and additional features to create cover letters or to help express yourself in an interview. 

Potentially the biggest lure towards using ResumeMaker.com is that it is available for a small monthly fee. However, the prices quoted are based on 12 month memberships, and unfortunately you cannot just pay for a month, or even 3 or 6 months. You have to take out a year’s subscription, or nothing at all. Let’s assume you’ve paid up for the year, what can you expect for your hard earned cash? It’s not very clear what the differences are between the entry level membership and professional level membership, but it makes sense that the resumes would be tailored towards different levels of employment.

All members will, however, have access to a range of useful features. Building your resume is simple and the service provides hundreds of thousands of set phrases which you can adopt and edit, helping you to express where your skills lie, in a professional and eloquent manner. You can also choose from over 1000 templates to help your resume stand out from the crowd.

The site’s improved further by upgrading its mobile options. Free apps are available for a wide range of devices including Apple and Android phones. Using the app, you can instantly edit and send your resume to an employer, which is great if you happen to see a job opportunity which you don’t want to miss out on.

As is quite common now, Resume Maker also offers tips for interviews, plus a lot of interview questions and answers for you to consider. The site provides some job-seeking links, although these weren’t quite as in depth or various as we’ve seen elsewhere. It might be worth exploring these options to see if they provide all the features you’re looking for, such as updates on new jobs and salary comparisons.

If you’re not keen on producing your own resume, for whatever reason, the site offers a resume writing service. This isn’t cheap (costing about the same as a 1 year subscription to a premium package) but if you really don’t want to have to do it yourself, and you think you won’t need many edits to be made in the future, this might be a viable option. Your satisfaction with this service is also guaranteed. 

ResumeMaker.com now links up with sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so you can connect with employers and find jobs using your favorite social networking sites. There are salary and cost of living calculators to try out, as well as millions of US and international jobs to search through.

If this site offered monthly membership options at the same rates as its yearly contracts, it would offer great value for money. As it stands, their prices are a little less competitive than they first appear, particularly if you think you might need to produce resumes over a long period. Still, the services and features on offer seem to do the job, and they claim to offer the best selling brand of resume writing software over 14 years, which is no bad thing.

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