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EasyJob Resume Builder Review

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EasyJob Resume Builder is a free software package which helps you to easily write a professional resume. It's quick to download, intuitive to use, and the website provides useful careers advice. There are also a host of career-specific documents to create, with samples to view if you're not sure what to include.

Don’t you just love it when there’s a sale on? Imagine you’re walking down the high street. You’re looking for a new jacket. You arrive at the store, walk inside and “Congratulations! You’re our 1000th customer! You’ve won an item of your choice, completely free!” That’s the feeling we had when we loaded up EastJob.net, because now their resume software is completely free. Whilst there may be several websites which offer free resume building, EasyJob actually offers a downloadable software package to help you create your new resume. What’s more, it offers thousands of templates, samples, layout options and a pretty decent amount of online information to help you get the job you’re dreaming of.

The software itself is very easy to download and use. To get access to a free copy you can use a code (which we’ve quoted in the Pricing section of this review. Please check the website, in case this code changes in the future). Then you simply download the program and away you go! Admittedly, this software isn’t quite as stylish, or perhaps quite as easy to use, as some resume building software packages around, but it is free, so we can’t complain too much.

As well as helping you to build a resume, the site offers a lot of information which is relevant to job-seekers. For example, you can find information on how to attract attention online using keywords. You can also find out a little about indexing and online job hunting, how to write a decent cover letter and how to perform well in a job interview. The site even offers a Career Test & Tips section, which helps you to find out which career path best suits you.

As well as your standard resumes, you can find career-specific documents for nurses, engineers, sales, HR and more. If your experience and history are lacking somewhat, Easy Job offers some advice on how to display your skills so that you are more employable in a competitive market. 

For the Brits among us, there are CV tips specifically for the British employment market. The resume builder will also be very useful to people outside of the USA, even if you have to tailor or tweak the templates to suit your country’s style. 

The resumes are eye catching and professional looking, and we particularly liked how easy it was to arrange the information to be chronological or based on practical skills. Altering the resumes was therefore much simpler than on many systems where you have to cut and paste sections, which is potentially going to save you from making errors.

Whilst the site does include writing tips, it doesn’t have quite the catalog of set phrases we’ve seen elsewhere. These help you to write in such a way as to better express your talents and skills sets, whilst also avoiding making grammatical or spelling mistakes. 

There is a little inconsistency around the website which is a little worrying. For example, one page says that they’ve helped more than 200,000 people write resumes, whereas another page says it’s more than 100,000. Whilst both may be strictly true, it seems like the site may not be monitored as often as we’d like. 

Whilst EasyJob Resume Builder might not necessarily have everything you’re looking for, it’s certainly worth checking out. It has a lot to offer and all of its features are free. Therefore, even if you don’t get along with it, you’ve lost nothing. Give it a try!

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