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Resume Companion Review

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We have awarded Resume Companion our prestigious Gold Award in this category, having reviewed 13 CV / Resume Writing Software. Read our review below to find out why...

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Resume Companion has plenty to offer anyone who isn't sure about how to write a great resume or cover letter. It provides downloadable documents, job descriptions, writing tips and a host of set phrases to help your resume sound professional. What's more, it's free to create and download a basic resume, and there are affordable options for opening up additional features.

The first thing worth noting is that a lot of ResumeCompanion’s tools are completely free to use. At the most basic level you can fill out your basic information (such as address, education and any experience), choose a template, and the system produces a professional-looking resume or CV especially for you. 

Resumes can be downloaded as Text documents, MS Word files or PDFs, making this a fairly flexible service. You can then email your document or print it off. Whilst you’re filling out your information, you can also check your progress by viewing drafts, or return to your document at a later date to make changes. 

For a lot of people, writing a resume is something of a mystery. The site has a lot of job descriptions, allowing you to locate the particular industry and position you’re applying for, and then tailors your document for that role. So, for example, if you’re looking for a job in hospitality, it will ask for details such as any food and beverage hygiene certificates, and allows you to list restaurants, cafes, bars and more as your experience. Meanwhile, if you were looking for a job in construction, the data offered will focus more on the training you’ve received, projects you’ve worked on and other relevant details.

As well as knowing what kind of information to include, the site also helps users to write in an appropriate manner. Applying to a legal firm is likely going to require a slightly different set of phrases than working in a cafe, for example. You can choose from thousands of set phrases to help produce a final document, altering them as you see fit. This can really help to express your positive qualities in a professional light, without needing to worry too much about things like spelling and grammar.

  ResumeCompanion.com has helped well over half a million people find a better job.  

You can save your progress as you go, and there’s no need to sign in if you just want to produce and save a document quickly. However, members will be able to access their previously-produced documents from another machine, which could have its uses. There are also two periods of paid membership available: a 14 day trial and a month’s full membership. Each offers the same benefits, but of course the price varies. Actually the trial offers very good value for money, but you must make sure to cancel before it’s over or you could find that you’re charged $39.95 per month. 

Producing a resume or CV is very easy and this ease of use is also reflected around the site. If you’re a bit stuck, you can check the FAQ or request support from the team. You can send an email and wait for a response, make a call or chat live through the website, so there are plenty of options. However, we anticipate that you won’t have many issues using the site, since the process is generally very intuitive.

The final documents look professional, and paying members can also receive a complimentary resume critique. A professional team member will advise you on how to improve your resume, which can be a great help and adds another level of service to the overall experience. 

As well as producing resumes, the site allows you to write cover letters. We were pleased to see a range of job-seeking tools available to members too, including automatic updates on potential jobs in your industry. You can find offers for a few other job hunting websites and services if you need them. 

ResumeCompanion.com has helped well over half a million people find a better job. By helping you to produce a professional resume, cover letters, thank you letters and more, as well as offering job seeking tools, this feels like a pretty complete service. Whilst not all features are available to free members, the basic resume production can be used quickly and freely by anyone, offering great value for money. Paid membership options also offer excellent value for money. 

With very few chinks in their armor, Resume Companion does a fine job at helping you to write a professional CV or resume, with a few strong extra features if you don’t mind spending a few dollars.

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