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Not a Wise Use of Your Time or Money
26 July 2013
Reviewer: Blswb3 from Summerville, SC

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Because I liked and earlier version of this program, I was confident when I purchased and downloaded an updated version of it directly from the company that makes it several days ago. I use a lot of software and have never had problems installing any of it...but this product will not install. When I added in the activation key, I got an error message telling me that the software could not connect to the activation server. When I contacted their help desk, I was told my anti-virus software was preventing the connection. I turned it off and still was not able to activate the software. I sent that information to the technician who responded that something in MY network was preventing the connection and I needed to turn off ALL protection on the computer and on my network. Funny that I have never had this problem before with ANY other product...but I had my IT savvy son help me turn off EVERYTHING that protects my computer and the software still would not activate. I notified the tech again. He STILL said I must remove every protection from my computer, my server, and my network and then give him remote access to my computer in order to get this activated. I don't really like that idea - so I called the company...they just refer you to their technicians....and the element of time - your schedule is VERY UNIMPORTANT to these people. Their technicians do not appear to actually be available to help...they just respond with a canned "It's your fault...pleae make your computer completely vulnerable to any and all malicious attacks and try again" message. I bought this software because I needed it when I bought it...the day may come when their technician actually contacts me with information that will make this software work - but I am not convinced. Who programs a piece of software so that the installing computer has to be completely unprotected in order to activate it? That sounds like a really bad idea in today's virus riddled world. Even if this turns out to be the very best resume software ever (and I may never get to find out)...it is really badly designed for installation.

In summary, I would not recommend Resume Maker Professional to a friend.

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