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Sifting through gold can get old....
14 March 2012
Reviewer: Loan Wizard from Tampa,FL

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To be clear, I am reviewing the 16th edition of the software, as there is now a 17th edition which I have not tried. First, if you opt to download the software, as I did, please heed my tale and REGISTER YOUR PURCHASE!I did not do this and my computer was distroyed 3 weeks after I made the purchse. Despite my efforts to obtain assistance regarding the restoration of the program on to my new laptop, in the end I was unable to get my purchase acknowledged because I did not register it. I will not let this cloud the review of the actual software:

It does have all of the features that it claims to have on the website. The main problem I had with this system was weeding through all of the 15,000 samples and phrases to chose the ones most approriate. Analogy time: Lets say I am standing in front of a 5 foot mound of jewels, however, I am on a time limit and am really only interested in the most valuable of the jewels; DIAMONDS! So, while all of the content in this mound is of some value (after all we are talking about precious gems) I must spend a lot of time to dig through the rubys, emeralds, etc... This makes for a very lengthy process if I only need diamonds. The claim that the software tailors itself to your profession is true but only if you are in a very few fields. I am a mortgage loan quality control manager so the closest thing to that was Mortgage Banker. All of the suggestions the program made for my resume were alright, after a lot of tweaking, but they were not right-on as far as applying to my field. It was like a tailored suit but made for someone else; alterations were a must and were time consuming!

In summary, I would recommend Resume Maker Professional to a friend.

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